Emily Sanzaro – Tasmanian Harpist



Emily is a registered Occupational Therapist, and over the last few years she has been pursuing a vocation as a Therapeutic Harpist.

For Emily, this work involves providing live harp music at the bedside for patients in hospital or at home who are terminally ill.  The music is provided as a service to patients and their families, focused entirely on them and what they need at the time.  This is not a performance or a concert, rather music offered with the intention of providing a space of rest, relaxation, peace and comfort.

Emily does not have any particular music in mind when she plays in this context, rather she improvises and alters the music in response to the patient’s reactions, mood and apparent needs at the time.  Emily understands that harp music is not for everyone, only playing for those patients who are agreeable to this service.  Emily provides her service on a referral basis.

Emily is currently completing studies to become a Certified Clinical Musician, completing an internship with qualified Clinical Musician Alison Ware at the Canberra Hospital in 2017.

Emily volunteers each week at Calvary St Lukes Hospital, Melwood Unit as part of the Northern Specialist Palliative Care Service volunteer team.  She is also employed as a therapeutic harpist at Southern Cross Care’s Mount Esk residential aged care facility.  Emily was runner up in the volunteer category of the Palliative Care Tasmania awards 2017 recognising her work in this area.

Please feel free to contact Emily to discuss this service on 0407 350 719 / emily@sanzaro.com